About RHC

Republican Hindu Coalition

Modeled after the highly successful Republican Jewish Coalition, the Republican Hindu Coalition (“RHC”) was founded in 2015 to be the unique bridge between the Hindu-American community and Republican policymakers and leaders. Hindu Americans in the United States come from many countries, principally India but also include Hindus from Nepal, Sri Lankan, Caribbean, Indonesia, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Australia, Africa and various parts of Europe. Additionally Hindus include all faiths like Sikhs, Jains, and Buddhists that were born in India.

The goals of the RHC include:

  1. Meeting with Republican policymakers and leaders and members of both the Senate and the House of Representatives to educate them on how strengthening trade and political ties between United States with India, is in the national and economic security interests of the United States;
  2. Expansion of trade between India and United States to promote “Made in America” opportunities and also encourage PM Modi’s “make in India” program as an alternative to manufacturing in China, also in the security interests of the United States.
  3. Forge a strong defense and security alliance between United States and India to combat international terrorism.
  4. Raising funds for the RHC in order to create meetings all around the United States to educate the Hindu-American community about the need for such stronger trade and political ties between the United States and India and the need for the RHC and membership in the RHC;
  5. In addition, the RHC Political Action Committee will allow us to engage in political activities across the country and support candidates who support our principles and goals.

On every level, the Republican Hindu Coalition is committed to building a strong, effective, and respected Hindu-American voice in Washington and across the country.

Extraordinary Support from leaders of Republican Jewish Coalition & Top Republican Leaders in the country

RHC is being organized under the guidance & leadership of former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich who serves as its Honorary Chairman. 25 of senior leaders of the US Senate including Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and top leaders of US House of Representatives are participating in the inauguration of RHC on Nov. 17th in Washington DC

Supported by top Hindu American Businessmen in America:

Mr. Shalabh Kumar, Chairmans of the Indian American Advisory Council of the House Republican Conference of the US Congress, is the founding Chairman of RHC with Speaker Newt Gingrich as its Honorary Chairman. RHC founding members are some of the most successful businessmen in the United States of America. They include Dr. Sampath S. Shivangi Medical doctor and successful entrepreneur from Mississippi, Dr. Sasala Challa, a successful entrepreneur and a philanthropist from Virginia, Rupesh Srivastava, Chairman and CEO of young group of companies head quartered in Michigan, Vikram Aditya Kumar, CEO of Automation division of AVG in Illinois & Iowa, Vish Mishra, a highly successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist from Silicon Valley California, Dr. Sreedhar Potarazu, Founder & Chairman of Vital Spring Technologies Inc. from Virginia and Brij Sharma, Founder & CEO of Powervolt in Illinois and Iowa.

Investment in India & Andhra Pradesh, AND “Make in India”:

RHC members, with a significant number from the Telugu American community in the US, have a keen interest in supporting and investing in PM Modi’s “Make in India” and CM Naidu’s vision to make Andhra Pradesh to be one of the most developed and prosperous states in India. RHC members propose to partner with CM Naidu to create a new Export City that would the San Jose of India, shipping over $50 Billion dollars a year to US, $50 Billion per year to EU and also saving $30 Billion per year in imports of electronic goods from China. The new City will be built in phases and have a population of three million people.