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Shalabh "Shalli" Kumar

In introducing Shalabh “Shalli” Kumar as the Honoree of the Year, American India Foundation, the largest Indian American charity in the US, declared: “Shalli Kumar is a man impossible to clone, a brilliant student, a prodigious inventor, a successful global entrepreneur, a generous philanthropist and yes a performing entertainer, all rolled into one. Shalli is uniquely endowed to foresee transformational events and executes his vision with in-fatigable energy and lots of flare.” AIF President went on to describe Shalli Kumar as “a man who does not count his years but makes his years count”.  Congressman Pete Sessions, Chairman of the Rules Committee of the House of Representatives added: “So thank you for allowing me to be here tonight to put a stamp of approval on a man who spends his life working for others, to further the relationship between India and the United States of America”.

It would indeed be impossible to find another Shalabh “Shalli” Kumar, whose passion and energy is rare to match regardless of the field of human endeavor: as an engineer, inventor, an entrepreneur, a businessman, CEO, as a historian, a public debater and a commentator, as a champion of India causes in US Congress, as a very active proponent of conservative causes, an economist and public policy advisor, as a philanthropist, and yes as a performing artist as well.

Mr. Kumar holds multiple patents in Electronics, has created many new industries in automation controls, is the Chairman and CEO of AVG Advanced Technologies with an installed base of billion plus dollars of electronic products in every corner of this world. He is the Founder and Chairman of National Indian American Public Policy Institute (NIAAPI) that had the foresight to take the first high level U.S. Congressional delegation to visit with Narendra Modi in March of 2013, when Mr. Modi was in total diplomatic isolation by the US Government. Mr. Kumar is also the Chairman of Indian American Advisory Council of House Republican Conference of the US Congress responsible for advising the US Congress on legislation important to Indian Americans and India.

Born to a freedom fighter and raised in India, Shalabh Kumar during his early youth was a topper in Punjab University and came to the United States for further studies in 1969. He obtained his Masters in a record nine months and got busy in inventions. He invented the first microprocessor based French Fry computer for McDonalds and created an entire new industry with the invention of Programmable Limit Switch (PLS) for the automation industry. In the early 80’s, Mr. Kumar was recognized for creation of thousands of new jobs and also served on President Reagan’s Business advisory council.

Shalabh Kumar never does anything old, small or half-heartedly. If you get a chance, get his Business card which prominently describes the theme of his life: “Innovation by Design”. From electronic products to planning the wedding of his son Vikram Aditya Kumar to Pooja, Miss India 2007, he is known for his daring and out of box thinking. He had nine helicopters fly in a “V” formation to form the head of Vikram’s baraat (groom’s party) that flew over Auckland, New Zealand. During the 2014 Independence Day celebrations in NY, he had pop star Daler Mehndi singing and dancing during the entire parade route to the delight of 250,000 fans. And of course he successfully dared the Republican Party to rise in favor of Narendra Modi when he was an outcast. After Osama Bin Laden was found under the nose of Pakistan, he was successful in cutting foreign aid to Pakistan.

Influenced and inspired by the Republican Jewish Coalition, and encouraged by his friends in the US Congress,  Mr. Kumar has just recently paired together with former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, to launch Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC) who told Washington Examiner "What Shalli is doing is really making us move towards bringing together people from all over the country, giving them a chance to get involved in politics, and in the process really beginning to give us an opportunity to have a much different Republican Party that's much broader based.” In a subsequent remark, he added: “Kumar’s founding of the Republican Hindu Coalition may turn out to be a truly historic event in the history of the United Sates.”

Mr. Kumar has committed to contribute $2 million personally to advance Republican and conservative causes in 2016.  Additionally, he intends to encourage others to actively participate through the RHC and through personal contributions to candidates and causes as the 2016 election approaches.  His efforts are designed to champion freedom, promote free enterprise, take a firm stance against radical Islamic terrorists, increase trade between US and India, and offer US companies an alternative to manufacturing in China to further ensure economic security of the United States of America.

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